Green Beauty Review: Honest Beauty


DSC_0014-2DSC_0038-8Honest Beauty is a branch off The Honest Company created by Jessica Alba. Their mission is to create safe and effective products that celebrate diverse beauty with a comprehensive makeup and skincare line. Honest Beauty is compliant with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 that promotes fair trade and human rights. Additionally, the brand is a supporter of, an organization that creates high school AP computer science programs that foster growth in young women.Honest Beauty is formulated without questionable ingredients such as parabens and phthalates (full list here) but is not certified organic or all-natural. Their products are not tested on animals and their packaging is produced with sustainability in mind. While not revolutionary in approach or commitment, they are without a doubt doing good in the beauty industry.DSC_0007-1DSC_0033-7I was sent three products for free testing through Influenster and here are my conclusions!IMG_2269DSC_0039-9Overall Impression:Honest Beauty left a positive impression on me. The packaging is simple, yet beautiful, and the products felt comfortable on my skin. Lasting power was definitely lacking but I did appreciate the approachability of their products. Honest Beauty is a no-fuss line that targets an audience that is classic in their approach towards beauty. Additionally the bundles are a smart marketing alternative that allows people to try more of their products at a discounted rate.IMG_2238Specifics: Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer; Lip Crayon, Demi-Matte in Melon; Everything Primer, Matte Prime + PrepDSC_0030-6DSC_0078-11DSC_0084-13DSC_0080-12Extreme Length Mascara and Primer:When used with the primer, this mascara definitely creates separation and length. It is a natural looking mascara that subtly boosts the attention towards your eyes. It did smudge slightly throughout the day but I would say that the longevity was standard for me. I love that it didn't flake or irritate my eyes even as I was sweating through yoga class.DSC_0022-4DSC_0066-10Lip Crayon, Demi-Matte in Melon:The lip color was neutral and I felt that it would go well on a variety of skin tones. It was hydrating and easy to apply but I was disappointed in the fact that the color didn't last. It just sat on top of my lips and continuously faded with each sip. I did use it as a blush and very much appreciated it as a substitute for cream blush.DSC_0025-5DSC_0019-15DSC_0020-16Everything Primer, Matte Prep + Prime:I don't typically wear foundation or concealer but I gave the primer a try anyway. It was definitely thicker than I expected it to be and had a slightly sticky finish. I didn't feel comfortable with applying foundation on top of it as it is summertime and I didn't want to feel the heaviness as I went about my daily activities.What are your thoughts on Honest Beauty or the Honest Company in general? Do you have any favorite products from them? I'd love to know!

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