Hi! My Name is Gi(illian)!

To start--I am a Taiwanese-American woman living in NY and my parents named me to mean "happy little bird".

This blog is kind of a mish-mosh of all the different facets of my identity but mostly, you'll find sustainable & ethical fashion, creative and personal anecdotes, and pieces on mindful living. It is a documentation of my journey to a more thoughtful lifestyle.

Growing up, I always had my path outlined for me. My parents dictated how I spent my time and I never really thought to question them because while daily activities were regimented, I was still allowed the flexibility to pursue my interests on the side.

These past few years have been about exploring what I want my life to look like and as an adult, I've recognized that creativity is an important part of my identity.

The Sensible Fay has been repurposed and redesigned so many times now, and that has been a huge reflection on my growth as an individual. It is now a platform for inspiration, creative exchange, and acceptance.

This is an exciting and terrifying journey to becoming who I am and living the life that I envision for myself. I hope that you'll be part of it with me!

This blog is dedicated to the informed, practical, impactful, and modern lady.

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