What Style Means to Me

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There’s so much power in clothing. It’s functional; it’s self-expression; it’s art. Styling can help you embody an energy or express something that maybe you’re too scared to say otherwise. It provides you with a method to control the way the world perceives you and there’s value in the security that that offers.

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I first took note of fashion as a means of self expression around 9th or 10th grade. While I’ve loved the feeling of dressing up since childhood, it wasn’t until adolescence that I realized just how powerful style could be as a means of standing out.

I went to an ultra-competitive high school. My classmates were incredibly intelligent and being in such an atmosphere made me feel less-than. I was afraid to speak out and be myself in front of others because I thought they would judge me as obnoxious, stupid, or irrelevant.

Clothing became a way that I could distinguish myself as an individual without needing to verbally communicate and risk rejection.

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Styling is an opportunity for expression without further explanation. Someone can take one look at you and understand who you are, what your attitude towards life is, and what you mean to say without expressly saying it. It is a tool of empowerment and can give you the confidence when you’re lacking it.

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As I’ve gotten more comfortable with who I am and recognizing that my worth isn’t based off the judgments of others, my clothing choices have gotten simpler. I still love the creativity that clothing offers, but am slowly becoming okay with just being. I’m learning to allow my clothes to act as a blank canvas and for my spirit to take the center stage instead.

What’s styling and fashion mean to you? Why are you drawn to it? How does it enrich your life?

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