Joseph & Stacey Handbag Review

Joseph and Stacey Stacey Tote Savage wine and east asian style blogger posing

Hello friends! I’m beyond excited to share with you a new brand that I’ve fallen in love with!

Joseph & Stacey is a Seoul-based Korean leather design and manufacturing company. They produce modern, luxurious, bags that are both fashionable and functional.

I LOVE when a brand delivers on what they promise! The handbags produced at Joseph & Stacey are high quality, have a unique tie to Asian aesthetics, and best of all, are ethically produced.

All of Joseph & Stacey’s handbags are manufactured locally in South Korea; they’re handmade in small-batches with a production process that is closely monitored for quality control and transparency. The factories used by Joseph & Stacey abide by eco-friendly production regulations and do their best to follow global sustainability standards.

I was gifted two bags to review for the Spring/Summer 2019 season and here are my thoughts!

Lucky Pleats Shopper Cracked Silver The sensible fay east asian style blogger review

Lucky Pleats Shopper in Cracked Silver

This Joseph & Stacey bag IMMEDIATELY caught my eye because of its pleated fan shape. Fans, though present in many cultures globally, are best associated with Asian culture. They are a symbol of beauty, elegance, and prosperity. Historically, in East Asian tradition, fans have been used functionally to keep people cool, decoratively as an element of entertainment in dance, and even as weapons.

It’s no surprise that this interesting structural bag is their number one seller.

The Lucky Pleats Shopper launched in the fall of 2016, when the technique to put pleats on leather did not exist. Stacey was inspired by the idea of Eastern Korean classicism meeting Western Italian handbag craftsmanship and thus, the Lucky Pleats Shopper was born.

The sensible fay joseph and stacey handbag review
The sensible fay holding lucky pleats shopper bag joseph and stacey


I love the shine on this handbag and thought that a gleam of silver would be the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit. This versatile metallic bag can easily be dressed up for a chic night out or toned down for a casual, daytime summer outfit. The tassel details add movement and adjustable shoulder straps make it extremely comfortable to wear. The bag is large in size and can comfortably fit the majority of my daily necessities. My favorite part is the super cute, detachable leather pouch!

Lucky Pleats Shopper Bag Cracked Silver Joseph and Stacey Product Image
East asian style blogger holding lucky pleats shopper bag by joseph and stacey

Composition & Care

The Lucky Pleats Shopper bag is made entirely out of Paddington Milling Leather. Joseph & Stacey source hides from German and American suppliers and puts them through a repeated milling process to ensure that the leather becomes soft while remaining elastic and durable.

Proper care and maintenance are a huge part of sustainable fashion, so take care of your bag and keep it out of testing weather. Although leather is naturally water resistant, it is recommended that you clean this bag with a dry, clean cloth and store it in a cool, dry, place away from direct sunlight.

The Sensible Fay review of Joseph and Stacey Lucky Pleats Shopper Bag in Cracked Silver

Joseph and Stacey - stacey tote L in Savage Wine Review by The Sensible Fay

Stacey Tote L in Savage Wine

I wanted to experience the two opposite ends of the Joseph & Stacey spectrum, so I chose this modern, deep burgundy, classic tote as my second option. While the Lucky Pleats Shopper represents a fun and refreshing take on handbag design, this bag embodies all the classic elements of handbag design and structure.

Joseph and Stacey Handbag Review Savage Wine east asian style blogger
Joseph and Stacey - Stacey Tote L in Savage Wine close-up


I absolutely adore this color. Although it doesn’t necessarily scream summer, wine is a sophisticated color that pairs well with day-to-day business attire and can easily be dressed up for a sophisticated evening out. This handbag demonstrates incredible attention to detail and is impeccably put together. The body is large enough to fit my laptop and its multitude of straps allow for versatile wearing. I think this bag makes for the perfect everyday bag and its high-quality craftsmanship ensures that it’ll last for years.

Large Stacey Tote The Sensible Fay Standing
Savage Wine Large Stacey Tote Close-up
Joseph and Stacey Stacey Tote Burgundy Savage Wine Review

Composition & Care:

This Large Stacey Tote is once again made entirely out of Paddington Milling Leather. A useful tip for maintaining the appearance of your leather bags is to wipe your bag once a week with warm, soapy water (make sure to wipe with the gran of the handbag!) When your’e not using it, keep your bag stuffed and stored in dust bags so that they keep their appearance for longer!

Joseph and Stacey Stacey Tote Savage Wine The Sensible Fay Review

Which of these two bags would YOU wear?

This post was made in collaboration with Joseph & Stacey.

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