Top 5 Gifts for Mother's Day 2019

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Mother’s Day is in exactly ONE week! Personally, I haven’t always shown my mom the appreciation that she deserves, but it’s better late than never!

Mother’s day is about spending time with the woman who gave you life and raised you. It’s about celebrating the power of maternal love and all the sacrifices and wins that come along with it. Not to say that you have to spend money on Mother’s Day, but if you choose to get her a gift, here are my top 5 ethical and sustainable picks!

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1. Pamper Her

Treat her to a day at an eco-spa! Spending quality time together in a relaxing environment is the perfect way to deepen your bond with mom. Whether it’s a series of baths and saunas, a massage, a facial, or a mani-pedi, a little bit of pampering goes a long way! This is an opportunity to celebrate mom as the incredible woman she is.

One of my favorite spots for a nail treatment is Jinsoon Hand & Foot Spa. It’s a POC-owned spa that features chic, natural furnishings and five-free, vegan nail treatments. For a more complete list of some eco-friendly NYC-based spas and salons, check out Allure’s list!

Additionally, if going out for a spa-day isn’t in the budget for this year, no worries! Staying at home and creating a DIY spa scenario can be even more special. Eco-Age has a huge selection of easy-to-make spa recipes that you can create to pamper mom!

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2. Flowers & Plant Children

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers. Gifting flowers has been a part of human culture for as far back as Ancient Egyptian or Roman Empire times! Demonstrate your appreciation for mom by making her feel special with these ethical and transparently-sourced flowers.

Farm Girl Flowers is a Bay-area based company that delivers across the nation. They prioritize their flowers and the growers behind them—ensuring that they source from farms that pay living wages, avoid harmful chemicals, and have medical benefits for their teams.

If a one-time bouquet isn’t mom’s thing or flowers make her sneeze, try a houseplant instead! Here are the top 10 houseplants that provide cleaner air so that mom can have a healthier space to spend her time!

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3. Jewelry

For as long as I can remember, my mom’s had a thing for rings. She’s always loved stacked rings with multiple gemstones, and this year I plan on getting her one as a thank you.

Mejuri, Catbird, and Thisiilk are some of my favorite ethical brands for dainty, minimal, and high-quality pieces.

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4. Homeware & Candles

Surrounding ourselves with home goods that generate happiness and productivity should be a priority.

Nkuku is a homewares and interiors brand that is committed to transparency, sustainability, and quality hand-crafted products. They work with independent artisans all over the world to create products that celebrate organic beauty and character. Their products are earthy, unique, and well-made.

Prosperity Candle provides unique, hand-poured candles made with soy or coconut waxes, pure cotton and wood wicks, and fragrances made with essential oils. Their company is a B-Corp certified organization that supports refugees and artisans through the candle-making process.

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5. Subscription Box

Why choose one item when you can sign mom up for a continuous subscription of goodies?

My top two pick would be Love Goodly and Causebox. The Love Goodly Subscription box provides a monthly supply of cruelty-free, nontoxic and vegan beauty and lifestyle products that contain 4-5 mostly full size products. Causebox provides a season delivery of 6-8 hand-curated products that support socially-conscious companies and emerging brands and designers.

Did any of these brands catch your eye? Are there any Northeast-based ethical and sustainable companies that you love and trust? I’d love to hear about them!

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