Summer Outfits 2019

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From long sunsets, to ice cream parties, and beach naps, the possibilities are endless! Summer reminds me of family barbecues, strolls in the park after dinner, and watermelon face masks. The days are long and you can wear whatever you want without concern for whether or not you’ll get cold. I love summer!

This season has been a relatively cold one but allow me to introduce a variety of looks that will serve you as we transition to warmer days.

Female, East-Asian Style Blogger in Periwinkle Crushed Velvet Summer Dress with Black hat and black boots
Young, Female East Asian Blogger in Periwinkle Crushed Velvet Summer Dress with Black hat and black shoes
Young, Female East Asian Blogger in Periwinkle Crushed Velvet Summer Dress with Black hat and black shoes

Outfit 1: Periwinkle Crushed Velvet Dress styled with Black Hat + Shoes

Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of researching fashion and beauty trends 3-4 months before the season arrives simply out of curiosity. It's always interesting to see what's coming and great to stay informed on what's popular.

Part of sustainable fashion is learning which trends to adopt and which trends to leave. Personally, I take note and incorporate only the trends that I love and can easily mix into my closet.

Lavender, for example, is SO in this summer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my lavender shift so we’ll just have to settle for periwinkle. Fun fact: Hermione's Yule Ball dress was periwinkle (though not in the movie 😒).

Hat: super old from Forever 21
Dress: several seasons old from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: one year old from Matisse

Young, female, east asian girl in K-pop Inspired Neogothic Cute Summer Outfit with long-sleeved, backless top, leather skirt, black doc martens
East Asian female style blogger in athleisure top, leather skirt, and black boots
East Asian female style blogger in k-pop-inspired cute summer outfit standing on a stoop
Female east asian blogger in longsleeved athleisure backless top, pleather skirt, black canvas doc martens boots, sitting on stoop

Outfit 2: Kpop Inspired Neogothic Look

Once upon a time, all through high school, I kept up with Kpop trends. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to the music religiously, but their influence on fashion and beauty has been undeniable.

Recently, there’s been a rise of neogothic and punk-inspired influences mixing in with the traditionally cute and minimal aesthetic (probably brought on by Black Pink—daring South Korean girl group) and I’m LOVING IT! Taking this opportunity to play with sportswear and some darker ideas.⁣

Top: Backless long-sleeve top from years ago, Topshop (for more ways to style this top, check out this post from 2017)
Skirt: pleather skirt from college days, Forever 21
Boots: Beloved canvas boots, Dr Martens

Female in cute Summer Outfit with Blue Jeans, Fishnet stockings, and black crop top
Close-up shot of cute summer outfit - layered sweater, Blue Jeans and Fishnet Tights
Female Style blogger wearing black turtleneck crop top, distressed blue jeans, fishnet tights, and black heeled sandals in standing pose on stoop
Female blogger in ripped blue jeans, black heeled steve madden sandals, black cropped turtle neck, heather sweater

Outfit 3: Layered look for nighttime partying

The most frustrating thing about early summer is that evenings still hit the low 50s. I decided to combat that challenge by layering this otherwise clubby look with a baggy sweater. Playing with knitwear during the summer season is an easy and chic way to keep your look functional whether you’re out partying or hanging out afterwards.

Style Tip: add details and dimension by styling fishnet tights under distressed jeans!

Entire outfit: super old H&M or H&M Conscious
Shoes: very worn go-tos from Steve Madden

Female east asian blogger in pink, 1950s floral vintage dress
East Asian female blogger in romantic pink Vintage Floral Dress 1950s style
Taiwanese blogger in vintage pink floral dress sitting in meadow with yellow wild flowers

Outfit 4: Vintage 1950s-style floral, pink dress

I saw those yellow flowers and KNEW I had to get a shot with them! Luckily, I found this vintage treasure in the basement. While ultra romantic usually isn’t my M.O., every once in a while, when a dress like this presents itself, girl prints come out to play.

Thrift Tip: try “thrifting” in your parents’ closets and basements. You never know what you’ll find—just be sure to ask before you wear or sell it!

Dress: Vintage 1950s-style floral, pink dress, basement find

Close-up of female blogger in Yellow short-sleeved turtleneck and distressed white shorts against green leafy background
Female wearing yellow turtleneck shirt, white denim shorts, and black sneakers against green bushes
Cute summer outfit close-up, yellow top, white shorts
Female east asian style blogger wearing yellow turtleneck shirt with distressed white jean shorts and black sneakers standing against green backdrop

Outfit 5: 70s meets 90s

Yet another outfit straight out of mom’s closet!

Mom was doing some spring cleaning when she realized that this yellow shirt no-longer fit her. As I am a sensible lady, I thought it’d be best if I took it off her hands. 😜

Yellow’s been a hot color for the past two years and I didn’t have anything like this shirt in my closet, so I saw an opportunity and took it. I’ve decided to pair this top with some easy distressed white denim jeans and classic black sneakers for a comfortable fit that will serve you in all sorts of settings.

Top: yellow short-sleeve turtleneck, raided mom’s closet
Bottoms: super old distressed white denim jeans, Forever 21 from 2012
Shoes: old sample-sale sneakers, asics

east asian female style blogger in Brown polkadot skirt, black crop top
Girl wearing summer outfit with brown polkadot skirt black crop sitting on grass
east asian female style blogger in a half-kneel wearing brown skirt, black crop top, on grass

Outfit 6: crop tops + skirts

An easy go-to summer silhouette is to pair a crop top with a skirt. It can be combined in so many ways and yet always results in an effortless look.

I dug this fun, flirty, skirt out of my mom’s closet (of course) and fell in love with the micro-prints. Polka dots are just so fun! While the browns and oranges might traditionally say fall, I say why not wear it during summer as well!

Top: old black crop with strappy cutouts, Forever 21
Skirt: flirty microprint polka-dot skirt, raided mom’s closet
Shoes: old classics, Steve Madden

Female East asian blogger in black athletic shorts and blue bralette top with black shirt-dress cover-up
Female east asian blogger in Black and white athletic shorts, lacey blue bralette, and black shirt-dress cover-up
Female east asian style blogger wearing bright blue bralette top, black and white athletic shorts, black shirt-dress leaning against a yellow wall
East asian female style blogger in blue bralette, white athletic shorts, and black shirt-dress

Outfit 7: Athletic Poolside alternative

What’s summer without showing a little skin? 😂

This is an athletic alternative to your traditional bathing suit and cover up pool outfit. I’ve paired a vibrant, floral, bralette with sporty black and white shorts for a more boyish look and layered a black shirtdress over it as a cover up.

Would you wear something like this to a friend’s hangout?

Top: old cobalt blue lace bralette, Urban Outfitters
Shorts: black and white athletic shorts from college days, City Sports
Cover up: black shirt dress, old school Urban Outfitters

Female, east asian blogger in grey cropped t-shirt, lacy black shorts, black and white striped sandals, posing on brick stoop
Female, east asian blogger in grey cropped t-shirt, lacy black shorts, black and white striped sandals, posing on brick stoop
Female, east asian blogger in grey cropped t-shirt, lacy black shorts, black and white striped sandals, sitting on brick stoop
Female, east asian blogger in grey cropped t-shirt, lacy black shorts, black and white striped sandals, posing on brick stoop

Outfit 8: bestie’s Barbecue hangout

My roommate in college would always wear striped Adidas sandals so this outfit is a shoutout to him!

This summer barbecue outfit is a relaxed and cute hangout look for bright summer days that flow into endless summer nights. The shorts are airy, the perfect weapon to combat the hot and humid NY weather, and large slippers make it easy to enter and exit the house (Asian household rules, you know?) as you go back and forth between the kitchen and the grill.

Top: old cropped t-shirt, Forever 21
Shorts: lost and found airy black shorts, Band of Gypsies
Sandals: mom’s old black and white sandals, raided mom’s closet

Female east asian style blogger wearing all-black outfit with cropped turtleneck top, short flared shirt, and heeled sandals
East asian female style blogger in all-black kpop inspired summer outfit against green and brick wall
east asian female style blogger wearing all-black kpop-inspired pop punk outfit
East asian female style blogger in all-black outfit with black turtleneck crop, black short flared skirt, and black steve madden heels

Outfit 8: Kpop Inspired all-black look

Kpop strikes again! I’ve always loved the short, flared skits rocked by Kpop girl groups and now that gothic clothing is merging with mainstream culture, all-black looks are ALL the rage. This outfit is a marriage of multiple inspirations melded into a chic and simple look.

Top: super old long-sleeved turtleneck crop, H&M
Skirt: Lacy flared short gothic skirt, Forever21
Boots: go-to heeled sandals, Steve Madden

Did any of these spark some inspiration? Do you have any go-to summer outfits?

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