Green Beauty Review: Origins, Korres, and more!


New year, new skincare!

It's mid-January and we all know that means brutally cold and dry winter weather. These past 6 months, I've been slowly incorporating more sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty products into my skincare routine.

Here are some new products that I've tried out over the past few weeks and my impressions so far:


Korres: Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

I'm definitely loving this silky-smooth facial oil. The smell of rose is really subtle and this product absorbs really easily into the skin. I love the packaging and labeling of the product. The fact that the vial is clear makes it really easy to determine exactly how much product you have left. I think the dropper size could be a little smaller and the rose petals at the bottom do get in the way when you're trying to apply the oil. Overall, a great everyday product that is moisturizing and not too greasy.


Origins: Eye Doctor Moisture Care for Skin around the Eyes

First off, this product is a lot smaller in size than I thought it'd be. For a $44/tub, it's pretty small. Other than that, I really like this eye cream. The scent is a light, almost floral, cucumber scent (kind of reminds me of Hendricks gin) and the cream applies really easily on the skin. A huge pet peeve of mine is thick eye cream that tempts you to tug at the delicate skin around the eye. I definitely love that you can easily dab this product on and that it layers well with other facial products.


Edible Beauty: Coco Bliss Intensive Repair

This face cream smells lightly of roses and layers really well with the Korres Rose Brightening Oil at night. The product is nourishing and not heavy or greasy. It spreads easily and definitely does a great job of moisturizing the skin.


Farmacy: Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector

I'm still in the market for a great green sunscreen. This product applies well and I like that there isn't an apparent white film but I've noticed that it clogs my pores (especially if I'm using it consistently like I should be). The scent is mildly artificial and while it isn't unpleasant, it certainly isn't anything to be raved about. Overall, this sunscreen was an average experience and I probably wouldn't purchase it again. Do you guys have any recommendations?


Josie Maran: 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil

I really like this facial oil. It's neutral and lasts for a long time. One drawback is that you have to make sure to warm your hands (and the oil) up before applying it because otherwise it'll just sit on your face without absorbing.

Do you guys have any favorite green beauty products?

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