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What Is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does It Matter?

Mainstream fashion (fast fashion) is a huge contributor to climate change, which will increasingly affect our way of life. Now more than ever, there is a need to reduce carbon emissions and halt, or even reverse the impact that we’ve had on the globe. What’s one way to get started? Sustainable fashion.

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How I Got Into Sustainable Fashion

I had the recent honor of being featured in an interview with Secondhand Steph. Keep reading for my thoughts on sustainable fashion, how I got started, tips on thrifting, and more!

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Joseph & Stacey Handbag Review

Joseph & Stacey is a Seoul-based Korean leather design and handbags company. Their bags are high quality, have a unique tie to Asian aesthetics, and best of all, are ethically produced. I was gifted two bags to review for the Spring/Summer 2019 season and here are my thoughts!

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