Blogger Feature: ADIMAY

Blogger feature: adimay sustainable fashion blog

ADIMAY is a sustainable fashion blog run by Aditi Mayer. It explores representation and intersectionality within the sustainable fashion movement and blends style, sustainability, and social justice in a thoughtful, critical, and carefully curated way.

Commercial fashion is an environmental issue as well as a human rights issue. ADIMAY is exactly what we needed in the sustainable fashion space. Aditi’s blog holds space for the conversations we should be having surrounding exploitation, social justice, and inclusion. She blends beautifully shot, luxurious, photographs (her background’s in photography) with well-written, informative, and explorative text aimed at generating conversations.

Some of my favorite posts from her blog include are curated articles on race, the motherfucker awards, and an exploration on circular design and leather-use with the brand Opus.

ADIMAY is such an inspiration and I hope to develop The Sensible Fay to be as inclusive and informative as it.

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