Slow Fashion Season 2019 & Closet Mass Index Evaluation

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We’re about halfway through Slow Fashion Season and I just wanted to keep you guys updated about how my journey has gone!

First off, what the freaking heck is Slow Fashion Season?

Slow Fashion Season is a campaign that put together for the summer of 2019 in which 10,000+ people vowed to not purchase any new fashion from June 21, 2019 - September 22, 2019. 

We already know that the (fast) fashion industry is the 8th largest industry that contributes to global carbon emissions, but did you know that it also uses an incredible amount of water for textile production as well? It takes roughly 2,700 liters of water to make ONE cotton t-shirt! 

With over 13,000 participants vowing to be more mindful of consumption, Collaction estimates that we could save up to 300 million liters of water and 1 million kilograms of CO2 emissions in the three months of participation. 

I really wanted to be more thoughtful of my clothing consumption and couldn’t say no to being part of such an impactful challenge, so I signed up!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

It just takes a little bit of effort

  • A theme that I consistently see in my journey to living more sustainably is that it just takes a little more effort. The small actions that we take add up over time to make a huge impact, and because we’re changing small components at a time, the overall shift isn’t really that difficult. I’m learning that to shop more sustainably, I just have to do a better job of planning ahead and using my creativity for when obstacles come up.

Just say no

  • Maybe you’ve had a rough day and are craving some retail therapy...I get it. It’s life. Some days are just going to be harder. A huge thing that I’ve learned in this process is setting boundaries. If you’re committed to not buying new, stick to it.

  • Once you’ve committed to it, set it and forget it. Don’t even think about shopping. Spend that time and money on other hobbies like having out with friends or enjoying an outdoor activity.

Borrow From your friends/shop your closet

  • I’ve recently moved back home and it’s been great because I get to borrow from my mom and my sister. I’m participating in the color my closet challenge on Instagram and having access to additional wardrobes has been SO helpful because all of my own clothes are either black or green.

  • If you live by yourself or your siblings prefer not to share, that’s okay too. Ask an in-area bestie if they’d be willing to do a mini-closet swap with you!

  • Additionally, take a good look at what you actually have in your own closet. Which articles of clothing have you been neglecting? Can you style them in a different way? Shop your own closet!

That conveniently brings me to the next topic...the Closet Mass Index!

Gi Shieh Closet Mass Index 2019 Slow Fashion Season

So...what’s the Closet Mass Index?

The Closet Mass Index (CMI) is a helpful tool devised by Hello Goodbye students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute that pushes you take an honest look at your closet. It breaks down your wardrobe into segments (new, secondhand, gifted and unworn) and offers you a transparent perspective on what your closet actually looks like. Taking the time to do the CMI also serves as the perfect opportunity to go through your closet and donate/sell any items that no longer fit or make you happy.

The Breakdown:

New: 86

Secondhand: 10

Gifted: 1

Unworn: 0

Personal takeaways:

  • The majority of my closet was purchased new from fast fashion brands, but this wasn’t much of a shocker given that I only transitioned to slow fashion last year and haven’t purchased any new articles of clothing since

  • I didn’t include any undergarments, socks, shoes, or accessories. If I had included them, my closet would probably be closer to 130.

  • I was incredibly surprised at how much of my closet was consisted of similar articles of clothing. Plain tanks, tees, and leggings make up over HALF of my clothes. Perhaps it’s time to let go of some of the older pieces of clothing that I’ve used for years as work-out clothes/pajamas. 

Are you participating in Slow Fashion Season? Have you done the Closet Mass Index? Would you? What was your biggest takeaway if you have?

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