How to Style: Plaid on Plaid

How to Style Plaid on Plaid - Plaid Overcoat, Plaid shirt, Blue Pants, Black Boots

Autumn is here and that means I get to “borrow” my mom’s coats! This trench-length, plaid, treasure was sitting in the back of her closet and I decided to give it a second life. Initially I was going to style this coat with a simple black tank and blue slacks, but after trying it out, I came to the conclusion that it needed some pizazz. 

Weirdly enough, my clothes from college are all starting to make their way back into my closet. This bright orange, plaid shirt caught my eye and was exactly the kind of funk that I was looking for. I kept the rest of the outfit dark and neutral, pairing it with navy slacks, black fishnet tights, and black platform boots, so that the bright patterns would pop.

Plaid on Plaid Detail Shot.jpg

Style Tip:

When pairing plaid with plaid, make sure that the patterns have a theme but are not too similar. Make sure the interwoven bands on each garment are different sizes, and while there should be an overarching color family (orange/warm tones in this example), they shouldn't be the exact same colors or shades. The exception here is if you’re going for a fully monochromatic plaid look with the same pattern from head to toe. Otherwise, avoid textiles that resemble each other but are not exactly the same.

What’s New?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been feeling down and struggling with vision, motivation, and drive. I’ve been running dry and slowly losing creativity. I was stuck in a rut and just couldn’t seem to get myself out of it.

Guess what? I flipped it around this weekend!

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to settle in and find some grounding. I’ve recommitted to my yoga practice and am giving myself breaks so that creativity will flow, which is perfect timing because the next few weeks are going to be crazy!

Plaid on plaid outfit with fishnet tights

Here’s What’s Coming:

#DontSweaterBoutIt Challenge:

I’ll be running a 7-day Sweater Challenge starting Monday, October 7! 

Join me in celebrating the versatility of this essential fall garment. Sometimes I can feel really frumpy when I’m wearing the same five sweaters on end, so I put this 7-day challenge together to push myself creatively. I’m hoping to break out of the same old sweater-jeans-boots combo and hope that you’ll join me!

Sign up by adding your name and email down below or message me on Instagram!


For the next few months, I have the honor of joining a powerful group of ladies in the sustainable fashion industry who will be calling out fast fashion brands on their practices.

This campaign is titled #myfastfashionbreakup and in this process, we’ll be sharing our stories of how we came across sustainable fashion and what we went through to break up with specific brands that we used to be loyal customers of.

Please follow along by using the hashtag or email me if you’d like to get involved!

Fall Lookbook:

Last but not least, Autumn is here and I’ll be releasing my Fall Lookbook next week! Keep an eye out for more of this coat (and some other coats that I’ll probably steal from my mother) as well as thick sweaters, long layers, tights, and all things cozy!

How’s autumn treating you? Will you be joining in on any of these challenges?

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