Blogger Feature: Un-Fancy


Hi guys! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while but I'm back on track!

Here we go: Un-Fancy is a styling blog run by Caroline. The blog was created in 2014 as a means for her to find her style and to rein in her mindless shopping habit. She started off documenting her capsule wardrobe journey--sharing her daily outfits and the lessons that she learned along the way. Now the blog has transformed into a mindful sharing of styling tips and packing guides.

I love that there's an endless amount of information on her blog and while our styles are quite different, there's always something I can learn from her posts.

Caroline is also one of the co-founders of the 10x10 challenge where you pick 10 items of clothing from your closet, and for 10 days, create a new outfit with each of those 10 items. Though I'm a few weeks (oops!) late, I'll be participating in the challenge!

Check her out and keep in touch for more updates!

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