July Lookbook


Happy July! It's officially the middle of summer and I've put together a quick lookbook of pieces that represent staples in my wardrobe for the rest of this season.Although I am transitioning to shopping more sustainably and consciously, financially, I'm not in the place to suddenly buy an entirely new wardrobe. Many of these pieces were obtained through fast fashion brands. However, what I am learning is that a huge part of sustainability is in taking care of the clothes that you do own so that they last longer and can serve as consistent pieces in your wardrobe regardless of their origins. These pieces are a concrete representation of my style and I am using them to uniquely express my individuality in spite of fluctuating trends.At the core, these looks were formed on the combination of two dresses, a skirt, a pair of shorts, two pairs of shoes, and a hat. The combinations are limitless especially taking accessories and makeup into consideration.DSC_0001-1[gallery ids="1916,1901" type="rectangular"]DSC_0013-10DSC_0018-12DSC_0034-7[gallery ids="1906,1908" type="rectangular"]DSC_0027-5[gallery ids="1904,1909" type="rectangular"]DSC_0012-2DSC_0017-3DSC_0010-1What's your summer uniform?

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