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My dear friends and followers, this blog is nearing its third birthday and has been existing in limbo.

While I initially started this project with a huge amount of passion, most of that inspiration retracted within the first few months. The rest of it slowly withered away with time through inconsistent postings, content, and vision. The biggest problem I had in maintaining this blog was finding a purpose and a message that I felt was making a positive difference in the world. I didn't feel inspired to share my voice because I didn't feel that my content was impactful.

While the message of owning your individuality and using style as a means to express creativity and originality is one that still resonates strongly with me, I've found a new passion to incorporate that message with one that will make a lasting environmental impact on this Earth.

From here on out, The Sensible Fay is a blog aimed at helping others find their contribution in this world, starting with conscious, sustainable, and fair-trade fashion. Where and how you spend your money is important. Let your contribution be a statement towards your beliefs and what you stand for in today's capitalism-run society. I am dedicated to inspiring others to make a difference by being thoughtful, impactful, and deliberate in the little things, like everyday purchases.

The Sensible Fay is a blog dedicated to the informed, practical, impactful, and modern lady.